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Wisdom Ventures validates its product definition

February 10th, 2011

Wisdom has now completed the first 4 of 9 weekend seminar programs held at the LiveSouth real estate shows across the north east.  Our seminar program has given Wisdom the opportunity to interface directly with approximately 500 qualified customers to date in order to both introduce the Wisdom membership product, and to survey those in attendance to verify and validate important product attributes.  At our most recent show, held in Philadelphia the weekend of January 29-30 where we had perhaps our largest audience to date, 92% of the potential customers who completed our survey indicated that they wanted to learn more about the Wisdom product.  We sincerely appreciate the seminar attendees willing to complete our seminar evaluation form and survey.

Below is a photograph taken just prior to the start of the presentation that was made to a standing room only audience.

Last year, Wisdom completed an extensive electronic survey and conjoint analysis through Promatura. ProMatura is a full-service market research and advisory firm specializing in 50+ consumers and their housing, services, consumer products, customer service, marketing, and sales.  The Promatura results were very positive confirming our membership pricing, confirming significant market depth, and pointing at material consumer demand for the product.  Our findings in our recent survey efforts have continued to confirm those Promatura findings, and have offered us some more specific insights.

Specifically, we have tested the relative interest in the core curriculum subjects identified as a part of the Wisdom educational elements, as well as validated that the target audience is clearly focused on their Health and Wellness, and also on the search for a retirement relocation destination with access to preferred health care.

In addition, we have explored their travel preferences and expected frequency and duration. Some 66% of the respondents have expressed that it is important to them to experience and evaluate their prospective retirement relocation destination in a residential setting such as a single family home versus a hotel. In addition, 97% indicated that they would want to visit a particular area at least 3 times before making a decision to purchase, and more than half of those indicated that they would make 5 or more such trips.  Wisdom, based on its 5 year program window, its creation of a travel network of homes located in prime retirement destinations and their ability to travel extensively throughout the year meets these consumer desires head on.

We are extremely excited to continue to refine this ongoing research with additional questions that will be addressed to the audiences of the remaining LiveSouth shows over the coming 5 weekends. Note that the seminar is not specifically about Wisdom, but Wisdom is the named program sponsor giving us the opportunity to speak briefly by way of introduction about our program. The Seminar is entitled “Got Retirement” and is a presentation of 6 fundamental “Truths” about retirement that includes some unexpected facts selected to highlight the importance of proper planning and the value of a trusted advisor and information source such as Wisdom.

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